Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Intentions....

I rarely am able to see my art hanging on walls. It is so fun and rewarding to walk into a home and see my little babies living happily. My ego always swells when this happens, until I start to notice things......! I don't think an artist is ever really done with a painting. It becomes finished with you.

It will soon be the time for resolutions and promises about new starts and new habits. More blogging will be high on my list! Painting more and more creatively will also be up there. As will maintaining friendships, health and happiness. Staying away from chocolate. That kind of thing.
I hope the holidays were good for you and that the New Year brings all of your resolutions and good intentions to life.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chastain Art Festival

This weekend the Chastain Arts Festival is being held in Atlanta. This is a juried show and I am very fortunate to be chosen! This painting is called "Orange you glad I didn't say knock knock?" and is shown framed, displayed in my show tent. It will be available soon on www.jennyschultz.com.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A day painting....

Bad Bunny Studio is up and running! Our first real week of painting there
has been heavenly. We have also acquired the space next door and
2 more talented painters. We will be setting up a gallery space next week.
You will be able to stop in and see our work displayed and for sale!
This painting is 24 x 36 and is titled "Great Room Table". It is available at
www.etsy.com/shop/jennyschultzdesigns or you find can contact information for me at www.jennyschultz.com

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Board Meeting

One of my favorite things this time of year is to drive by the school bus stops in our neighborhood. The best part is that my own kids are in school but I love seeing the changes in the children from last spring. The gawky, adolescent kids that turn into swans and studs over the summer are the most fun to see. The boy down the street must have grown 4 inches, got contacts, and learned to stand up straight. The formerly pudgy girl at the next stop now has long, straight hair, lost her braces and was pretending not to notice the boy on our street. Of course they don't say a word to each other. Yet.

These surfers remind me of all of that. They think they are cool but scared of their own shadows and especially terrified of the bikini clad group of girls watching them. One tripped while he was walking in front of them. I bet though, by the end of the summer, they are takin' names and numbers and walking tall.

This painting is titled "Board Meeting" and is 22 x 28. It is available at www.jennyschultz.com

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer ......

This heat is almost unbearable. I could deal with it if I were at the beach. Maybe I need to go to my happy place and feel the cool breeze coming off the water, feel the shock of the water as it first hits my toes, getting cooler as it washes over my ankles. Feel the first wave as it knocks me over and goes up my nose. Wait, that wasn't part of the happy place.

This is a huge giant painting, 36 x 48, and comes framed. The colors are gorgeous. Available on www.jennyschultz.com.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Give Peach a Chance

My friend Beth named this painting. We had labored over painting peaches for 2 days. Actually I was the only one laboring. Her painting was gorgeous, well thought out and well executed. My peaches were...well, just not pie worthy. Then I realized what was missing from my painting. It was not fun. Right before I was ready to toss the canvas Beth said "Give peach a chance!" I changed my focus back to fun and gave it another try. Now I just need to stop eating my subject matter before the painting is done.
"Give Peach a Chance" is available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/jennyschultzdesigns

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Molly and Her Cakes......

It has been a rough couple of months and I apologize for the lack of postings.
It is interesting to see how various people react to stress. I tend to clean my kitchen. My husband exercises even more. Some people bake. Some people eat. It is good to be related to those that bake, especially if you are one who eats.
My sister Molly bakes. She makes the most incredible desserts. She makes the most delicate and gorgeous cookies and did this before it was popular. She is the inspiration for this painting as her kitchen is decorated in 1950s green and red, complete with a vintage oven. It is such a cool and fun place. I love exploring through all of her collections. She has a collection of red and green Christmas elves from that time and they hide all over her kitchen. They creep me out a little bit.
This painting is 36 x 48, is titled "Molly and Her Cakes" and is available at Matilda's in Alpharetta, GA.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quiet Time...

I was up at 2 this morning, thanks to the dog AGAIN. Once I am up there is no turning back. I did get my groove on though, once the coffee was brewed. I walked into my studio and actually breathed. There was noone calling for me, needing me, demanding my attention. Not that I don't love being needed! I just love a quiet house and a fresh cup o' java. The studio is full of paintings that are different from each other. Now I am circling back to do series of my favorite subjects. My blue sap bucket is my current series. You will see it with different arrangements. Next look for the square dancing series. I have already posted The Fiddler on Facebook but will post him here soon. Now I am going to enjoy a fresh brewed cup and go back to my quiet to renew before the barrage begins.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Morsels of information.....

We just got back from a gorgeous weekend in Santa Fe filled with delicious art, wonderful food and of course, a little too much tequila. When you keep the kind of company that I do you can expect that sort of thing. I did learn some new things for my dinner crowd-paella, seafood pasta and halibut cheeks. I am looking forward to really impressing the group behind the fish counter at Whole Foods.

Now it is back to reality and working to find ways to promote my art. We had a great show with the fine ladies at Restart and now I have several paintings hanging at the Irwin Street market. What
a fun place! I didn't get to sample the french toast yet but word is that it is the best ev-er. It looked like it should be on a magazine cover. I can vouch for the coffee though. Perfect! Thanks to Matthew for his kind invitation.

This painting is 36 x 24, oil on linen, titled "Fisherman Home" and is currently listed on Etsy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

come back to me......

We had spring for about a nano second before the fleece had to come back out. Here in the South it should be 70's again later this week. I wanted to give you all up North a little bright ray of hope that it is coming soon!! This painting is 24 x 24, gallery wrapped and will be hanging at the Restart Show April 6th- 8th at the Paces Gallery in Vinings.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home again.....

Some people are never meant to stay where they grew up.

I am one of those people.
I wish this was my childhood home. A friend brought me this photo from Maine as she knows I have a thing about white houses. This painting is listed on Etsy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hang in there.....

Spring will come. I know it is hard to believe. Soon all of this snow will melt, the tulips will begin to sprout and women will begin spray tanning everywhere. It will happen, I promise.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What will I be when I grow up...

I always thought I would be a ballerina. My mother started me in swim lessons at age 5 because she was concerned I would injure myself in any other activity. I was a tad clumsy. Dancing day dreams still consumed me, though, and the Marjorie Holtzer dance recitals were
my favorite thing to watch on tv. You just never knew when a young dancer would start to cry or throw up.
Alas, my clumsiness and swimming both followed me to adulthood. I sadly realized I would never be on point, and instead of the graceful, swan like, ballerina neck, I developed massive swimmers shoulders to rival any defensive guard. I hear shoulder pads are coming back in fashion so that cheers me up. I do still day dream in pink and tulle though.
This painting is "Rest" and is now listed on etsy.com.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baaadd Sheep

There have been a lot of black sheep in the Everett family. We've had horse traders and bootleggers and other ancestors of questionable means. I fit right in with the group. It is nice to know that those that came before you weren't all high grade.

My hopes to be noticed for good, and not evil, were first spoiled by my oldest sisters. They were perfect. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Both were homecoming QUEENS, not just in the court like I was. I felt no pressure to carry on that family tradition. I know I was the first girl grounded in my family, and it was for a month. It happened my freshman year of college. I had bad skin, was chubby and my grades were dubious. All of my teachers would look at me, shake their heads and say "And you're Amy's sister?" Tall, thin gorgeous Amy. Don't forget Molly, whose photo on the front page of the local paper in a white bikini tied up our phone line for months.

My younger sister was every one's favorite. She always got the pink hairbrush sets, while I got boy blue. She was the only blond in the family. She would bite me and I would be the one sent to bed without supper. Then the youngest came along. I was 15, she was a baby, cute and dimpled. To this day the girl has ivory skin, black eyes and that damn dimple. I couldn't win for losing.

I do love them all, even though Amy is the favored one, Abby is still cute and blond, Molly is the most fun, and Megan outshines us all. At least I am the one who fits in most with the family tree.

This is called Baaaad Sheep. I actually giggled painting this. Two of the sheep just look very, very BAAAAD. It is 20 x 16, and is listed for sale on Etsy.com.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Charleston Morning

I am in the mood for a good Pat Conroy novel. Maybe I will make some shrimp and cheese grits tonight and start his latest one. I am finally wrapping up "Loving Frank" which is interesting. This weekend I am treating myself to the last book in the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series. My sister sent me a bootleg copy in English as it isn't due out here until spring. It is huge and must weigh 20 lbs. It is a real treat for me and I am going to get some good coffee to go with it. My husband has ditched reality TV and is now consumed with spy books, which is a good thing. He no longer wants me to sit and watch idiots with him. Now I just watch CNN and see them in Washington.
This painting will be offered at the St. Pius High School silent auction.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thankful for a home....

These days everyone with a roof over their heads should be thankful. I am, really and so appreciate my home. I always have loved houses and especially quirky and unusual ones. My grandmother owned an old Victorian, high on a hill, with a huge wrap around porch where she held bridge club. We are all still trying to accept that it sold and that other children are running around that porch now.

My husband & I are discussing our retirement and our next home. He talks about the southeast to be near the kids. I hopefully show him magazine articles on Italy and Napa and Provance. He talks about high rise condos in Buckhead. We don't even know where the kids will be except with us. I just don't want all of the stuff any more. I am all for selling our worthless knick knacks and storing the china and finding a zen filled contemporary with a view, just somewhere out of the south. Someplace where there are eccentrics and artists, where bikes are the means of travel, where there is an independently owned coffee shop and the closest strip mall is an hour away. We can drag the kids with us, there will be less knick knacks for them to break.

This painting is going to my hometown of Zanesville, Ohio and the proceeds have gone to the Red Cross, hopefully helping give someone else shelter.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time to thaw

It's just too damn cold.

I hope this painting takes you to a warmer spot. I don't think I have finished it. You may see it again ,later.

Even with zero degree wind chills my children are on the trampoline, ignoring frostbite in their extremities. Here in the South you have to make your opportunities for snow angels and there is just enough dusting on the tramp for an imprint. The 5 year old found enough to make a snowball to throw at his sister. Last night at dark the large child of 50 years was out on the sled with them, trying to get some speed on frosted grass. They had plenty of runs and then were ready for hot chocolate and bed. The large child fell asleep before the early news was over.

This painting is 20 x 24. oil on canvas. I'll think of something cute to name it after more coffee. It is posted on Etsy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time to hit the road....

I am ready for a new adventure. Maybe it is the new year, new beginning thing but I really need to change my environment. My friends are marrying off children, choosing their grandparent names and picking out their last hurrah homes. I am dealing with preschools. (My name by the way will be Chinky, chosen by my daughter). I am, though, exploring my old lady look. My sister believes long peasant skirts, moon dangle earrings and colorful shawls would be a good thing for me, but I think she is just remembering the only artist we ever knew growing up, who was rarely sober. It could work. I like the idea of driving an old truck, preferably one color, with floorboards not rusted out, and no room for car seats. Boots and jeans and my nieces's gorgeous jewelry designs. And this yellow house.
This painting is 16 x 16 and is now on sale at jennyschultz.com and on Etsy at Jenny Schultz Designs.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Driving without a license...

I just knew when I turned 16 that I would wake up and see a new red convertible mustang sitting in the driveway with a big bow on top. Dad handed me keys all right-to the old Ford tractor sitting by the barn. That was how I was to learn to drive. I was mortified. The fact that the entire country was in a deep recession and my father was a farmer with 7 children had not entered at all into my thinking. Eventually I decided that driving in circles around our tiny white house beat sitting in my parent's living room, watching Loveboat with them. Round and round I went on my big white, rusty ride. My dad decided I was road ready and then gave me my big surprise. It was a pick up that he had welded together from two unfortunate trucks-the front end was green and the back was red. The front cab had a hole rusted through the floorboards the size of a basketball. You just planted your feet on either side while riding shotgun. I glanced longingly at my old tractor, sitting there. I knew it well. I knew how it could take a curve. I had a cushion on the metal seat. Then I realized my ticket out of there would have to go faster than 5 miles an hour. I grabbed the keys to the truck and ran.