Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hang in there.....

Spring will come. I know it is hard to believe. Soon all of this snow will melt, the tulips will begin to sprout and women will begin spray tanning everywhere. It will happen, I promise.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What will I be when I grow up...

I always thought I would be a ballerina. My mother started me in swim lessons at age 5 because she was concerned I would injure myself in any other activity. I was a tad clumsy. Dancing day dreams still consumed me, though, and the Marjorie Holtzer dance recitals were
my favorite thing to watch on tv. You just never knew when a young dancer would start to cry or throw up.
Alas, my clumsiness and swimming both followed me to adulthood. I sadly realized I would never be on point, and instead of the graceful, swan like, ballerina neck, I developed massive swimmers shoulders to rival any defensive guard. I hear shoulder pads are coming back in fashion so that cheers me up. I do still day dream in pink and tulle though.
This painting is "Rest" and is now listed on