Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time to get to work....

One thing I love about Christmas is that for one moment...one day... everything is clean and sparkling and done. Nothing is hanging over your head to do. You can just sit and be in the moment with no laundry that has to be done, no mopping, no scrubbing the tubs.

Then comes the day after and all the havoc that brings. Boxes to break down and cart to the street and giant bags of wadded up wrapping paper. All of those irritating pieces of wire used to hold toys prisoner in their boxes have to be picked up and kept from the dog. Half eaten candy canes need to be pried off the floor. Irritating musical toys from relatives have to be "lost" or accidentally stepped on.

So here we go, back to the daily routine of chores. Actually there is something comforting in routines and things that can be accomplished, as mundane as they are. But I am looking forward already to the quiet satisfaction of next Christmas day...before the first wad of wrapping paper lands on the floor.

This painting is titled "Chores", is 12 x 12, oil on linen canvas. It is currently listed for sale on my website and on Etsy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Morning Workout

There is nothing cooler to watch than a rower out in the morning mist, with the sun sparkeling thru the fog. My son used to row, and he used to be pretty good, until he discovered drama class and the girls there.

I think any rowing parent would tell you that the first time you see your child help lift up an 8 man shell over his shoulder is really something. Watching 8 uncoordinated, goofy teenagers get in the boat and smoothly row in time together can bring a proud tear to anyone. There is some kind of magic to it. Of course when they finish and get back on the dock, they turn back into manchildren. The spell kind of breaks a little.

Some Saturday morning in spring get some coffee and go to the Chattahoochee, on Riverside Drive. There are 5 teams practicing there, and you will see some great rowing.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Book Club

I have asked my friends to begin a book club with me. We used to have one BKTO (before kids took over). But that one progressed into more of a wine & whine club and less of a reading group. I have high hopes for this go around. We are first reading "Loving Frank", about Frank Lloyd Wright's mistresses. Apparently Tiger has nothing on him.

Somehow the ladies in this painting began to morph into my mother in law and her best friends. They often sat on the beach and read together. For those who know them, from left to right, are Nancy, JJ, Margaret and Katherine. In their honor I will rename this "Ponte Vedra Book Club". I am hoping that like these ladies, AKATWU, (after kids are through with us) my friends and I can hold our weekly meetings in the same place, with a little wine and whine.

9 x 12, oil on linen board.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

People in your corner......

I am having a self indulgent bit of reflection. I don't think anyone can get through life without those people who support, value and inspire them. I don't always recognize them for the angels on earth that they are. There are some in my life right now that may be moving from my geographical home but never from my heart. Although I am devasted, I am thankful for opportunities. Facebook is always there to post updates, but that just doesn't seem enough to me right now.

It is difficult to really thank people for kindnesses that salvage your day -a pat on the back, a nice email or long, gabby skype , or a gourmet dinner and hilarious conversation to get you through the week. One of my current angels gives me opportunities to shine that I would never have had-she seems to enjoy other's successes as much as her own, and has no idea of the value of her impact. I call her one of those "Life Changers". I like labels, when they are good, and I have labeled her.

There are also angels in disguise. They appear to be naughty and deviant but underneath their dry sarcasm are hearts as big Texas. Nothing picks me up more than a phone call or email from my group of funny people. They include family and friends and it is hard for me to match wits with them all. Times are difficult, and it is not easy to stay positive and true. Your PEOPLE remind you of who you are even when, especially when, you are letting the outside world dictate your course. They get you back where you need to be.

Here are to people in your corner, even if they no longer live round the corner.....
This painting is titled "Pt. Reyes Corner" and is 9 x 12. I will post it on Etsy shortly.