Saturday, June 19, 2010

Molly and Her Cakes......

It has been a rough couple of months and I apologize for the lack of postings.
It is interesting to see how various people react to stress. I tend to clean my kitchen. My husband exercises even more. Some people bake. Some people eat. It is good to be related to those that bake, especially if you are one who eats.
My sister Molly bakes. She makes the most incredible desserts. She makes the most delicate and gorgeous cookies and did this before it was popular. She is the inspiration for this painting as her kitchen is decorated in 1950s green and red, complete with a vintage oven. It is such a cool and fun place. I love exploring through all of her collections. She has a collection of red and green Christmas elves from that time and they hide all over her kitchen. They creep me out a little bit.
This painting is 36 x 48, is titled "Molly and Her Cakes" and is available at Matilda's in Alpharetta, GA.