Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brown-UPS might be onto something......

I opened a catalog of delicious fall clothes this week, and the line that caught me was "brown and black DO go together." Do they? Is brown the new black? If it doesn't hide 10 lbs then I am going back to my staple black. I like the color, but realized that I NEVER use it in my paintings. I don't wear it much-I only have black boots and shoes, no brown. In my never ending quest to be more streamlined and chic, I have removed all but white, black and gray from my wardrobe. If you can call it a wardrobe. Actually my wardrobe is anything that doesn't have paint splattered all over it, mothholes or kid related stains. If it does, I usually wear it out anyway, but my WARDROBE is hidden away for when I actually pretend to have a life.

This lack of other color in my life led me to try brown in a painting before I commit to a new sweater. I do have to say that it can be fun . There are so many nuances to it. I like it with turquoise. Not sure if I am ready to order the outfit yet. I wouldn't be able to wear it anyway, until I have hid it for 2 months from my husband and say "what this? I have had it for ages..." This painting is 40" x 40" and is available at Sunshine Limited in Watkinsville, GA.