Saturday, April 17, 2010

Morsels of information.....

We just got back from a gorgeous weekend in Santa Fe filled with delicious art, wonderful food and of course, a little too much tequila. When you keep the kind of company that I do you can expect that sort of thing. I did learn some new things for my dinner crowd-paella, seafood pasta and halibut cheeks. I am looking forward to really impressing the group behind the fish counter at Whole Foods.

Now it is back to reality and working to find ways to promote my art. We had a great show with the fine ladies at Restart and now I have several paintings hanging at the Irwin Street market. What
a fun place! I didn't get to sample the french toast yet but word is that it is the best ev-er. It looked like it should be on a magazine cover. I can vouch for the coffee though. Perfect! Thanks to Matthew for his kind invitation.

This painting is 36 x 24, oil on linen, titled "Fisherman Home" and is currently listed on Etsy.